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Introduce Yourself
Introduce Yourself

Welcome to the Carefull Community. We're so glad you found us. Now we'd like to hear a little bit about you.ย 

  • Click "Post" to create a post to introduce yourself.
  • Share what brought you to this community.
  • Share where you are in your financial caregiving journey.
  • Share what you hope to get out of this community.
  • Feel free to a share a fun fact or anything else you want the community to know about you.


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Hi- I'm Todd, and financial caregiving has been an area of personal interest for almost a decade. I've spent 15 years creating new products for banks and financial institutions, yet throughout this journey I've seen the "financial caregiver"- the person... (More)
Cameron Huddleston
Carefull Family Finance Expert
Hello everyone! I'm Cameron Huddleston, Carefull's family finance expert and the administrator for this community. I was a caregiver for my mom, who had Alzheimer's disease, for 12 years. I was a hands-on caregiver for four of those year and... (More)
Danielle Roberts
Co-founder at Boomer Benefits
Hello everyone! I'm Danielle Roberts, Medicare expert at Boomer Benefits and author of the best-selling book 10 Costly Medicare Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make. Kudos to everyone here who is looking to take control of your loved one's finances... (More)
Hi- I'm Flavio, and I'm part of the Carefull team. I'm happy to be here to help support financial caregivers.