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Getting Started
Getting Started

Welcome to the Carefull Community 

The Carefull Community is a place for people who are managing money matters and helping care for aging loved ones. 

We know that being a financial caregiver can be incredibly challenging. It's especially hard to connect with others and get advice when you're so busy looking out for your loved one's needs. But you don't have to go it alone.

Think of this community as your safe space to share your struggles, get support and connect with other caregivers.  And our experts are here to help give you answers to your questions about the ins and outs of helping a loved one with daily money tasks.

The Carefull Community also is a place to share what you've learned with others. Whether you're just starting out on your financial caregiving journey or have been helping managing money matters for a loved one for many years, you likely have insight that you can share or words of encouragement to help others along their journey.

What the Carefull Community Offers

  • An opportunity to connect with other financial caregivers like you
  • Access to financial, legal and caregiving experts through online events
  • A vast resource of caregiving and money management tips

New Member Checklist

  1. Read the Code of Conduct
  2. Introduce Yourself - Say hello in the Introduce Yourself Space and get to know others in the community.
  3. Post a Question or Comment - At the top of the community homepage, you'll see an option to "Post." Use the post feature to ask a question or share a comment. Click the "post anonymously" box if you want to remain anonymous. You also can post questions  or comments in the Financial Caregiving 101, Legal & Financial Planning and Fraud & Scams topics pages.
  4. Get Notifications - Head to your Account Settings to sign up for notifications about activity in the community.

How do I deactive this service.
I am not a caregiver. At 70 yo, I am still managing my own finances without problem. But I am looking for greater security. Is this the right place for me?
Cameron Huddleston
Carefull Family Finance Expert

We are currently developing a desktop version. Stay tuned!